Save on your grocery bills

There are a number of ways using technology that can help you save on your grocery bills.  These tools help keep you organized,  find the best  coupons available, search out any available rebates and even help find you the best prices through automated comparison shopping.  Here are some of the best out there.

Walmart Savings Catcher – Download the app on your mobile device and create an account at (available for Apple & Android, free).  Scan the bar code at the bottom of the receipt and the app will check prices on items you purchased versus local competitors current ads.  If a lower price is found, the difference is credited to your account which can be turned in to an e-gift card for use at Walmart.

All You Magazine’s Grocery Deal Finder – This tool at can help you find great deals on items near you.  Search by item, category or store.  If coupons are available on the items you are looking for, they will appear next to the item on the results.  Just click to print the coupon and your shopping list.  Sign up for the weekly newsletter to get reminders about local sales, coupons, etc.

Checkout 51 – This app (Apple, Android) adds between 20-30 new exclusive rebates each week.  Create an account and when you buy one of the items listed, take a picture of your receipt and upload it.  The rebate amount shown for the item on the app will be automatically added to your account.  When you reach $20 in your account you can request a check be sent to you.

Favado – This app (Apple, Android or at lets you create “heart” likes of favorite items.  When these go on sale in your area you are notified.  You can also print any relevant coupons for the items the app finds, but you need to first email the list to yourself to print  as this app does not yet have the ability to have coupons read at the register.

Cellfire – This app (Apple, Android) helps you keep your coupons organized.  If you have store loyalty cards, register them with this service, select any coupons that they have you want, and they are automatically linked to your card.  Your savings are automatic at the register, no need to hand over any coupons.  If you turn on your device’s location locator, the app will even alert you to when you are nearby a deal.

Amazon Subscribe and Save – If there are items you purchase on a regular basis (think pasta, toilet paper, baby food, razor blades) you might want to subscribe to Amazon’s delivery service.  Savings can be substantial (up to 15%), but just make sure that you use the items enough on a monthly basis to warrant automatic shipments.  You can change your subscription list at any time, or even cancel, prior to your next shipment being delivered.

mySupermarket – This online shopping site works with eight large national retailers (Amazon, Walmart, Costco, Target, Walgreen’s,, and to operate as a virtual mega-store.  The service finds the best prices on items and shows them to you.  Any coupons available are shown next to the item and the coupon amount is shown in the item’s price.   It will even let you know if you will save by swapping to a different size on the item.  You shop for the items you need and check out only once, regardless of where the items are shipped from.  They consolidate your order and you receive one shipment, no matter how many companies you ordered from.  You can also earn cash back.  Certain items may display a percent off  (or shown as dollars and cents) that you earn by purchasing the item, and sometimes the item can actually be free after the cash back reward.  Of the eight companies only Costco has no minimum spend required to qualify for free shippiung, the others are between $25 and 50.  If your order is more than $75, your shipping fee (if any) will be credited back to you.  Please note: to receive cash back rewards you must first have an account with PayPal, which is a free a secure electronic money transfer site owned by eBay.

To make the most of your savings, you might want to consider using some or all of these together.  In addition to this, take advantage of stores that offer “stacking” where you can use a manufacturer’s coupon in addition to a coupon that the store itself may offer for the item.

Happy savings!

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