Never Pay Full Price For Movie Tickets Again

It’s no secret that going to see a movie at theaters these days can cost you a small fortune.  Personally speaking, I’ve only been to one first run film this year because of this with it easily costing $30 by the time you get a popcorn to much on and a drink.  So what do you do?  Not go to anymore movies?  Not an option.  But how do you go cheaper?  The I came across a great article on today titled “Never pay full price for movie tickets again”.  After reading it, I got to thinking about how much theaters are around our area and what other discounts we might be able to get.  So read the article, and then read below for more ideas, and you too will never again pay full price to see your favorite flick.

AAA Member Discounts

Being a member of the American Automobile Association, better know as AAA, has a bunch of benefits.  Aside from helping with travel arrangements and roadside emergencies, they also offer many discounts for attractions throughout the country, including movie theaters.  Here in the Birmingham area, AAA members can get $2 off Regal and Carmike theater tickets when purchased in advance at a local AAA office.  Discount tickets, however, can not be used for special engagements or during the first week of a movie’s release.

Birmingham, AL theater ticket prices and savings programs

AmStar / The Grand – adult $10.25, senior 60+ $7.75, child age 3-12 $7.50, matinee $8.25.  The Reel Rewards program offers free upgrades on popcorn and fountain drink purchases, earn 10% on ticket and concession purchases, and a free small popcorn and small soda upon joining.  Cost of the program is $10 per year.

Carmike – adult $10.25, senior $7.75, child $7.75, matinee $8.25.  Carmike Rewards offers 1 point for every $1 spent.  Points can be exchanged for free concession items and tickets.  Your account is credited with 80 points for joining and there is no cost to join.

Cobb – adult $10, senior $7.50, child $7.50, matinee $8.50; IMAX adult $14.50, senior $12, child $12.  The free Moviegoer Club earns members 2 points per ticket purchased (max 8 per day).  Every 10 points you accumulate earns you a reward from a small popcorn at 10 points to a movie ticket, small popcorn and small drink at 100 points.  You also get a free small popcorn for signing up.

The Edge Theaters –  adult $10, child $7.50, military $7.50, student $7.50, senior $7.50, sscoupon $5.00; matinees $7.50.  The Edge theaters also offer free Summer Series family each week July through August.  Bar discount cards are also available at the box office which are good for 50% off regular alcoholic drink prices.

Regal – adult $10.50, senior $8.50, child $8.50, matinee $9.00.  Regal Crown Club members earn 1 point per $1 spent on tickets and concessions.  Points can be exchanged for popcorn or soft drinks through 100 points and a movie ticket at 150 points.  There are also opportunities to earn extra points on Thursdays and when you reach star status at 150 points.

Summer movie programs

A number of theaters also offer summer movie programs for families.  The Edge theaters offers free Summer Series family films each week July through August on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Carmike this year offered $4 admission (days vary by location) with a free kids concession pack of popcorn, drink and a snack.  Regal in Trussville offers $1 admission on Tuesday and Wednesday with a portion of the proceeds going to the Will Rogers Institute.  There were also free movies in area parks on the weekends in Vestavia, Helena, Hoover and Avondale, check the cities website for details.

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