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Looking for some freebies?  One way is to take surveys, that in exchange for your time, give you 100% free stuff.  We’ve taken a look at a lot these on the web and found some that are legitimate and have a good reputation.  If you do try these, you might want to consider using an email address you’ve set up specifically for stuff like this, that way you don’t get any unwanted emails coming into your personal account.

BzzAgentBzzAgent  (pronounced “BuzzAgent”) claims to be the leading Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing and media company.  The way it works is you take short surveys, get invited to try things out based on your survey results, and then try products out.  They provide you with talking points and ask that you share your opinions actively in the marketing campaign, and the more you do the likelier it is you’ll be invited to try more products in the future.

CrowdTapCrowdTap is a “people powered marketing platform” where members create their own photo or video content about products on social media platforms.  Current clients include Kraft, P&G, Yum Brands (KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut), Heineken and Puma.  You do have to have Facebook to sign up, however.

GlamspottersFor those who read Glamour Magazine there is the Glamspotters program.  Any reader can sign up for it and they ask you to just take a poll or survey occasionally.  You may get a note from them asking if you’d like to “try a…..”.

InfluensterInfluenster “is a community of tastemakers, social media hotshots, and educated consumers who live to give opinions of products and experiences.”  They invite their most active community members to participate in “Vox Box” product reviews where members receive full size products to test, review and talk about on social media.  Members also are able to participate in contests and receive product discounts.  You may even be invited to participate in Twitter chats with celebrities.

PINCHmeOn PINCHme you answer a survey about yourself to get freebies that relate to your survey answers.  These are full size products, too.  Just try them out and give a review to earn badges and points that enable you to get more tryouts in the future.  One important thing to know is that they send out samples once a month, and when they do it goes pretty quick, so you need to register for the month as soon as they open it up.  As of this post the next release date is February 10th at Noon.

SwaggableSwaggable is another site where you fill put a personal survey to get stuff that relates to your preferences.  Once you fill out the survey, the site customizes items that would most relate to you.  You then “want” the items on your available list, kind of doing the Facebook “like”.  They then send you things to try and review.  Once you post your review, you’re eligible to get more free stuff to try. is, as the name implies, run by the behemoth that is Walmart.  At this site you can occasionally get coupons from a free sample or free item as well as special savings offers.  The great things about this is that since it’s run by Walmart, there are no gimmicks or scams, just savings.

P&G EverydayP & G Everyday is actually one of my favorites.  It’s run by the Proctor and Gamble Company and once you register you have access to contests, sweepstakes, samples, coupons, and some great lifestyle info on their site.  Please note that receiving a weekly email from them is part of the deal. does not directly require you to answer surveys to get free stuck, but you do need to do things to get it.  You participate in activities to earn “Frequent Tryer Miles” which can then be exchanged for your goodies once you hit a certain amount of miles.  They also have premium freebies available that are a bit more involved.  One such offer was for a $100 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card for completing “one silver, one gold, one and four platinum offers” (details on their site).

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