Starbucks Money Hack

Money Hack

noun: money hack

A simple, effective and usually painless act to reduce the amount of coin one spends.  (source:

“I’d like to live as a poor man with lots of money.” – Pablo Picasso

Hacks are a great thing, if you know about them.  They’re really simple things you can do to save time or money.  When it comes to Starbucks we all know that it’s definitely not a cheap place to get a cup of Joe.  But there are ways to make your daily trip there a bit easier on your paycheck.  Check out the article below from Yahoo Finance, and be sure to watch the video as well, and you’ll be walking out with a little more change in your pocket.

5 ways to save at Starbucks

Starbucks logoDespite the criticism that Starbucks coffee is overpriced, record sales this quarter indicate that people are willing to pay the price. But for those of you looking to save on your coffee habit, we tested five tried-and-true Starbucks hacks that’ll give you the caffeine fix you need, for less.

Instead of ordering a “grande iced latte” priced at $3.95*, ask the barista for a double shot of espresso (a.k.a. “doppio”) over ice in a grande (medium) cup. At the condiment bar, add your own milk for free.

We tried this at two different Starbucks locations and the baristas seemed to know exactly what we were up to, but didn’t seem to care. We were only charged $2.45, saving a total of $1.50, and there was no difference in taste.

*Tax not included. Menu prices vary by location.

The iced tea blends are one of the more affordable beverages on the menu, but there is still a way to save big. For example, instead of ordering a tall passion tea for $1.95, you can ask for a passion tea bag with a cup of iced water and they’ll charge you just 30 cents for the teabag – saving you $1.65. Give it five to 10 minutes for the tea bag to do its work, and it tastes exactly the same as the pre-made blend in their pitchers.

Instead of ordering a “tall chai tea latte” priced at $3.45, ask for a tall hot tea with an Oprah Chai Tea bag for $2.75. Again, add free milk, sugar, and honey from the condiment bar. This hack will save you 71 cents and is ideal for those who love the taste of chai, but like to control the sweetness.

Lattes are made with espresso shots and steamed milk. An affordable alternative not listed on the menu is the “caffe misto” which is made from fresh brewed coffee and steamed milk.  We were charged $3.25 for a tall latte, while a tall cafe misto was 70 cents cheaper at $2.55.

Order a smaller size of your favorite blend in the next size up. For example, order a tall (small) Americano in a grande (medium) cup. The baristas will often pour a little more into the grande, giving you more bang for your buck. And when you go to add milk, you won’t need to dump coffee out of your cup. Once you’ve added milk, you’ll have a drink that’s closer to the next size up – and you’ll save about 70 cents.

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