Entertainment Freebies

CBS All AccessFree Streaming TV:  If you are in to streaming video services you have an opportunity to check out CBS All Access for free.  They are offering a free trial week of service, normally $5.99 a month, to entice new subscribers.  CBS All Access is similar to Hulu and NetFlix in that they offer video on demand, but they also offer sports, news, and pretty much all the classic CBS shows such as Star Trek, MacGyver and CSI, which are not found on Hulu.

One big advantage that the service offers is live streaming of local CBS stations in 14 markets (Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Sacramento and San Francisco).  All Access uses what is called geolocation on your device to determine what, if any, participating station is near your location.  If you are in one of these areas, you can get local TV just like you were sitting in your living room.

There is a workaround to the geolocation limitation, however.  If you download an app called Fake GPS location, you can “fool” your device in to thinking you are in a different place such as Miami when you are in New Orleans, thus getting you access to live Miami TV.  Sweet!

Note: If you try CBS All Access out and find it’s not for you, make sure you cancel by day 6 of the trial to avoid any charges as they start billing you on day 7.

RedboxFree Redbox rentals:  This has not been verified, but we have been made aware that there are 5 codes for free Redbox rentals out this week.  Try one of the following codes and see if they will work for you.  The codes are NDNQM3QK, 5DKH9WZQ, 29T7MWGX, VXHTNG54 and 92494TK3.  Good luck!

Playstation PlusFree Games: If you are a subscriber to Playstation Plus, there are new free games coming out on February 3rd.  Playstation 4 owners can get RPG Transitor and Apotheon.  Playstation 3 owners can get Yakuza 4 or Thief.  Playstation Vita owners can get Rogue Legacy or Kick & Fennick.  Check out the game previews here.

Blake SheltonFree MP3 Album: Are you a fan of Blake Shelton?  Then you want to go to Google Play and get Blake Shelton’s album Bringing Back the Sunshine for free this week.

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