McDonald’s Launches Doomed Selfies-as-Payment Plan

From the joke of what is McDonald’s today comes this little nugget.  And yes, it’s for real.



McDonaldsHere’s the latest installation in the never-ending series, “McDonald’s Really Doesn’t Understand Millenials“: A press release notes that starting February 2 the chain will allow people to pay for their food in “lovin’.” So what exactly are “lovin’?” They’re the new bitcoin! Just kidding, McDonald’s doesn’t understand technologically either.

These “lovin[s]” are actually selfies, compliments, or even a “friendly fist bump to the crew member on duty.” Apparently a Big Mac could be paid for with “a call to a loved one.” Business Insider writes that “customers who order items during pre-selected times will get to participate in the deal” and that the option will be offered to customers at random. McDonald’s employees, known as “Lovin’ Leads” (imagine that on a resume), will let customers know if they get compromise their self-respect to “Pay with Lovin’.”

The stunt is part of the struggling chain’s new “brand transformation” where the company attempts to stress the “lovin'” aspect of their slogan, “I’m lovin’ it.” Customers have until February 14 before they start having to pay for chicken nuggets with cash again.

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