Freebie Friday Pt. 6

It’s Freebie Friday!  OK, so it’s really Saturday. Today we’re running the last part of a special series from Kiplinger Magazine and featured on featuring 70, yes 70,  ways to get free stuff from food to a free college education.  Enjoy!

Free Wi-Fi – In an effort to lure you inside, more restaurants and retailers are offering free Wi-Fi, including Starbucks, McDonald’s and Barnes & Noble. Some public libraries, campgrounds and hotels offer this freebie too. Go to to find places to surf when you’re away from home. Or download the Free Wi-Fi Finder app at iTunes.

Free Money for Tuition – Put a dent in that tuition bill by searching for scholarships at, or apply for one of the grants handed out by the federal government. Several states also award grants which don’t have to be repaid. Contact your state’s department of higher education to learn more.

Free Classes – Many colleges and universities post course material and lectures on their Web sites, including Johns Hopkins, University of Notre Dame and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. compiles open coursework from top-notch universities into more than 200 classes and awards certificates upon completion.

You can also go to Apple’s iTunes U to access more than 250,000 free lectures, videos and other materials from 600 universities, including Oxford, Stanford and Yale.

Free Digital Storage Space – With free online backup storage, you can share files and protect them from computer crashes, theft and natural disaster. Windows OneDrive gives you 15 gigabytes of free, secure digital storage space. You can also use Amazon Cloud Drive (5 GB free) or Dropbox (2 GB free).

Free Education Apps – Like it or not, kids and technology are drawn to each other. So why not use that magnetic power for good? For elementary-age kids, check out the iTooch app for math, science and language arts activities, the MeeGenius app for reading, and the free PBS Kids apps for educational games and videos. For middle schoolers, try the Blanks app for vocabulary, and Khan Academy app for math and science videos.

Free Resume Help – Whether you’re applying for an internship, searching for your first job out of college or polishing a seasoned résumé, you can get free help with your job hunt. Stop by a One Stop Career Center (a service provided by the U.S. Department of Labor) in your area. Trained staff can help you with resume writing, interviewing skills and online job searching techniques. The centers also offer job training programs, or they can arrange on-the-job training and apprenticeships with local employers.

You can also watch for workshops at your local library, community center or college.

Free Passport Photos – You’ll pay about $15 at the post office to get your picture taken for your passport. Instead, take your photo with your own digital camera, then upload it to, which will help you size it properly before printing on your home printer. The best part: You can redo your picture as many times as you like. After all, who wants to get stuck with a bad photo for the next ten years?

Free Computer Classes – Brush up on your computer skills at your public library, which may offer a variety of free computer and technology classes. Some common courses include Internet and email basics, spreadsheet and word processing, digital photography and image editing, and family history research. For instance, New Yorkers looking for even more free tech guidance for their personal computers can attend the hands-on PC Maintenance workshop at The New York Public Library — one of more than 25,000 free programs offered at the Library’s branches across the city.

Free Calls – To limit your landline costs or avoid using precious minutes on your mobile-phone plan, use a free calling service such as Skype, Viber or Vonage Mobile. All three allow you to make free calls to other users of these services. Skype and Viber can be installed on mobile phones and computers. Vonage Mobile is available only for iPhone and Android users. For more information, see How to Make Free Calls.

Freebham Editor’s Note: Please check out our archives of previous postings, many of the money saving methods listed in this series have been written about in detail and can give you further information on the topic.  For example, we have an entire page devoted to showing how you can not only take free college courses, but how you can actually get a college degree for free.

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