Cheap (or Free) E-Books

BookBubIf you’re an avid reader of books, you probably spend a lot at your local bookstore or at online retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or iTunes.  If you want to save some money, you could spend a lot of time combing through these and other sites, trying to find the lowest price.  What if there were a service available that did all the comparison shopping for you, as well as made suggestions for your reading list based on your preferences?

Well, a company called BookBub is doing exactly that.  You may not have heard about them before, and that’s because it’s not exactly easy to find.  You either have to know about it from word of mouth and then find them on the web, as they do no advertising, or you need to be invited to join from other members.

The interesting thing is that BookBub doesn’t actually sell books.  Rather, once you join as a member, they send you a daily email about limited-time offers for deeply discounted, acclaimed ebooks from retailers across the web such as B&N, Amazon, Apple and others, including independent publishers.  You choose what you want to see based on your preference profile you set up, everything from cooking to Japanese Manga to romances are available.  The deals you receive may be for free books or discounted as much as 90% off the suggested selling price as publishers offer special promotional pricing.  Platforms supported include Nook, Kindle, iTunes and others.

The service was featured in the Wall Street Journal in May, 2014, on Fox 25 Boston in December, 2013 and in the New York Times in May, 2013.

Give them a try, it costs you nothing, and even some of the books BookBub features are even free.  It’s a win / win.

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