5 Ways to Get Free Seeds for Your Spring Garden

Source: allyou.com

By: , March 4, 2015

Need an escape from the snow, sleet and general ugliness of the weather? Planning a garden can put you in a spring state of mind. To help you escape into a fantasy of long, warm days, we’ve found some great ways to get growing without spending a lot of your hard-earned green. In most cases, all that is required is a self-addressed stamped envelope, but check the guidelines on each site to get the specifics.

1. Get a pack of tomato seeds from the folks at wintersown.org (and they have over 150 varieties to choose from!).

2. Gardenhoard.com offers packets of seeds that are slightly past their expiration date, but in most cases will still germinate. Choose from a wide variety of flowers and vegetables, and they’ll do their best to fulfill your request.

3. Want to add some spice to your salads this summer? Get some free radish seeds from patriot-gardens.com.

4. Help out the Monarch butterfly population by growing milkweed, their favorite food. You can get free seeds at livemonarch.com.

5. Join a seed-swapping organization. Look for one with no (or a low) membership fee, likeheirloomseedswap.com. Even if you’re a newbie with no seeds of your own, you’ll likely find some members who are willing to share their bounty.

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