Tide for Troops

Do you know, or are you, a current or former military service member and an Alabama Crimson Tide fan?  If so, read on, and please pass this on to your friends!  Let’s support our troops!

Tide for Troops

A company called Tide for Troops, Inc. provides unique ‘Bama shirts to those currently serving in the military, former members and retirees free of charge.  They do this by selling the shirts to the general public, and the number of free shirts available for service members depends on these sales.

Service members can get their free shirt by providing some information including the following:

  • First and Last Name
  • Rank/Grade
  • Complete Mailing Address
  • Unit (Last or Current)

AND proof of military service such as:

  • Copy of DD214 (Report of Separation)
  • Copy of VA Card
  •  or Proof of Enlistment (Letter of Enlistment from your S1 office)
  • Note: DO NOT send a copy of your military ID card!

Scan the documents / info reuested and email to:  tidefortroops2@gmail.com with the Subject: Shirt Request.

The free shirt request is limited to the branch specific short sleeve tan, blue and green t-shirts.  Hoodies, long sleeve and moisture wicking shirts are not available for free but are available for purchase.

The time frame in which you will receive your shirt will depend on funds and availability.

Incomplete requests will not be processed. 

*Please note that by submitting a request you are stating that you agree and understand that per the Stolen Valor Act of 2013, falsifying and/or embellishing military service is a federal crime and punishable by prison, fines, or both. All submitted requests are subject to SCRA verification for active duty service members. All requests by veterans will be subject to verification through FOIA.

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