How to Find Freebies at the Grocery Store

Cut down on your grocery bill by nabbing these exclusive freebies.


Freebies Online

Test new seasonings in your own kitchen. Visit consumertesting. and sign up. If you’re accepted for an at-home study, McCormick will mail you a full-size sample of the test product along with recipes to try. Once you’ve made one recipe, complete an online survey. Testers may participate four times per year. Plus, you get more than a free sample—McCormick also pays volunteers $10 to $15 for home testing, often via gift cards.

Sign up at, or; each will send you one sample every month. Across all four websites the samples are the same and might be soup or Nature Valley granola bars. Be sure to watch your in-box for e-mail alerts, and act fast—only the first 10,000 requests are fulfilled.

When you create a free Kraft First Taste membership account, choose a featured product to try from the Offers section and you’ll be mailed a coupon for a free sample. Fill out surveys about the company’s products on the website to boost your chances of getting more coupons in the mail. testers sample one to three products every two weeks. Your chosen items arrive in the mail, and you review them online. Past treats include Gevalia coffee and organic chocolate. Products are available at noon Eastern time every other Tuesday. They go within 10 minutes, so act fast.

Kroger gives away a full-size product nearly every Friday at Download the digital coupon to your shoppers card and it is applied at checkout. Past giveaways include pizza, greek yogurt, and toothpaste.

Get a free truffle every month at a Godiva store. Sign up for rewards at

Visit for two sample packets of the sweetener while supplies last. regularly offers coupons or samples from Barilla, Downy, Kashi, or another brand in exchange for your feedback. Sign up and watch for e-mail offers.

Freebies in the Store

Teavana is always serving a few teas at its stores’ brewing stations. Visit their website for locations.

Whole Foods stores will let you taste any prepared food. Want to try several products, even packaged crackers? Ask an employee to open them at any time. Stores also hold quarterly Cheese Nights, when you can graze your way through several fancy fromages.

Trader Joe’s is ready to quench your thirst–enjoy a mini beverage and a bite of whatever’s being promoted at the demo station.

Buy Something, Get Something

Buy $8 worth of merchandise at Entenmann’s Oroweat bakery outlets and get a free item. Find bread, cookies, muffins, pastries and more from Bimbo, Mrs. Baird’s, Sara Lee and other brands. Fresh items are already discounted by up to 20 percent, and day-old goods are discounted even more! Find an outlet near you at

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