How to Score Free Family Entertainment

Family fun—like going to the movies or your favorite museum—doesn’t have to come with an extravagant price tag.


Free Movies

• Get a chance to see a movie in theaters before it opens to the public by registering with, and In most cases, you’ll either instantly print out a pass or enter for a chance to download one.

• Members of Regal Cinemas Crown Club earn rewards, such as free admission, popcorn and soft drinks, for every dollar they spend on tickets and at the concession counter. You could score a free flick after about eight movie outings.

• After you join AMC Stubs for $12 a year, every dollar you spend on tickets and concessions counts toward your reward. Get a $10 reward for every $100 you spend to use on tickets, drinks, popcorn, even your renewal fee. Members also get free upgrades on popcorn and fountain drinks, and online purchase fees are waived. Best of all, the entire family can use the same membership: You get four cards at sign-up.

Free Birthday Celebrations

Register your child for the Toys ‘R’ Us Geoffrey’s Birthday Club and he’ll get a crown and a balloon for stopping by.

Free Books

Legally download thousands of books (whose copyrights have expired) from Also look for free eBooks at, and And consider “checking out” new e-titles from your public library.

Free Magazines

Nab free glossies by completing surveys, writing product reviews or simply visiting or You won’t be asked for credit card data, and there are no hidden charges.

Free Music

At, enter a favorite artist or song and the website will pull up similar music you’re likely to enjoy, or pick from more than 500 present stations to stream through your smartphone or computer. You can also try music from and All are free, but be prepared to listen to a few ads between tunes.

Free Museums and Culture

Your Bank of America card grants you free admission at more than 150 cultural centers the first weekend of every month. Check to see if is available in your area. If so, you might find complimentary tickets to local shows, comedy clubs and musical performances that have vacant seats the venues hope to fill. The tickets are free, but you have to fork over service charges, which are about $5 on average.

FreeDVDs and TV

• Join the Redbox Text Club by texting redbox to 727272 and get a code for a free DVD every month. You can also get coupon codes for free Redbox rentals by signing up at or (an unofficial site).

•Watch free movies and TV shows at network websites and at must confirm your birth date to ensure age-appropriate viewing) and (no registration required).

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