Colonel Sanders Makes a Comeback at KFC

Colonel SandersIf you’ve watched any TV over the last few weeks you have probably seen the newest commercials from KFC.  And no, you haven’t gone back in time back to the 1970’s.

What the chicken restaurant has done is brought back a familiar icon to help it revive flagging sales, the founder himself Colonel Harland Sanders.  Well, not really, the real colonel died some 35 years ago.  Instead, Yum Brands, KFC’s parent, hired Saturday Night Live alum and impressionist Darrell Hammond, to bring him back to life for the new commercials.  They have even started using the Kentucky Fried Chicken name on it’s website again, a name they dropped decades ago in favor of KFC to distance itself from the word “Fried”.

To help the cause, KFC has even launched a new website,  The landing page is the Hall of Colonels which shows Sanders at various stages of his life from a young man to even the cartoon version used in late 1990’s KFC commercials.  Click on each of the Colonels for a little surprise.

So what exactly does this mean if you want to save some money?  If you play the games such as the Gas Station Shootout and win, you get a $5 off coupon to print out and use.  The coupon is good through early June.  Happy shootin’, y’all!  What’s old is new again.

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