Trekkies Will Go Wild Over Authentic ‘Star Trek’ Communicator

Star Trek Shop

Looking for a gift for the Trekkie in your life? Look no further. This replica of the communicators ubiquitous in “Star Trek: The Original Series” not only looks like the real thing, but it pairs with your phone to provide actual telecommunication functions. The device made its debut Tuesday at San Diego Comic-Con, where attendees can ogle its ultra-authentic details — the metal antenna grille, retro-sci-fi speaker and microphone, and a “painstakingly reproduced housing texture.”

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Of course, the fact that it uses Bluetooth means you won’t be able to reach any starships — unless they’re within 30 feet or so. But it works as a speaker for your music, too — or the set of “Star Trek” sounds and clips that come with the device.

And while you never saw the original cast charging their communicators (they had much better batteries in the 23rd century), this one comes with a magnetic stand that wirelessly keeps the device topped up.

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All this can be yours — or another’s — for $150, which is not that much considering how much people already pay for authentic-looking “Star Trek” props.

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