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Amazon takes a page from Uber by asking people to drive around delivering things

Mashable By Seth Fiegerman 9/29/15 Amazon wants a little of that Uber magic. Amazon unveiled plans Tuesday to hire hourly contractors in cities around the U.S. who use their own cars and smartphones to fulfill delivery orders quickly for the … Continue reading

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10 Best Online Shopping Sites I Wish I Knew Earlier

Lifehack BY NICHOLAS GARCIA Nowadays, it seems like a lot of items (e.g. books, electronics, and office supplies) are bought online more than they are in stores, mostly due to the convenience of it all. There is one department, however, … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Avoid Sneaky Online Price Changes

WiseBread  By Kyle James on 5 August 2015 It’s called “dynamic pricing,” and it’s when online retailers change the price of a product depending on factors like your browsing or purchase history, operating system, and even your zip code. For … Continue reading

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5 Amazon Shopping Hacks You Never Knew About

Kyle James / Wise Bread 9:00 AM ET Martin Divisek—© 2015 Bloomberg Finance LPAn employee wheels a cart past product storage bays on the opening day of the new Amazon.Com Inc. fulfillment center in Dobroviz, Czech Republic, on Tuesday, Sept. … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Gain Coding Skills in Online Courses

Online avenues to up your coding skills range from free to costly and from low-key to intensive. Programs that come with a price tag often involve more interaction with an instructor and teach more advanced skills than free ones. … Continue reading

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Does the Starbucks Rewards Program shortchange customers? COMMENTARY by S. Kumar  @skumarus SEPTEMBER 23, 2015, 1:10 PM EDT The coffee chain offers generous rewards to its customers, but the program is not as rewarding as it could be. Earning rewards at coffee giant Starbucks is easy. The company offers … Continue reading

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Restaurant Club and Birthday Freebies

Restaurant Loyalty Programs Have Some Great Rewards Eating out doesn’t have to be expensive.  In fact, there are many restaurant chains across the country that have club or email news programs that offer a variety of discounts, special offers, insider … Continue reading

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How I Eat Like a Foodie Without Going Completely Broke

PopSugar Nicole-Perry  9/10/2015 As much as possible, I strive to eat well-sourced, high-quality, organic food. I’ve read Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma at least three times, as well as a bundle of other food-policy-focused books. I shop primarily at farmers markets, food co-ops, … Continue reading

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7 Emerging Low-Cost Supermarkets That’ll Save You Big Money on Groceries

7 Emerging Low-Cost Supermarkets That’ll Save You Big Money on Groceries Brad Tuttle @bradrtuttle Sept. 14, 2015 Brian Cahn—Alamy Fresh competition for Walmart and your local grocery store. The supermarket business has always been one in which margins are … Continue reading

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25 Ideas for Inexpensive Fall Dates

Cheapism Charyn Pfeuffer, September 11, 2015 As leaves start to turn autumnal colors, couples watching expenses need to adjust their thinking about how to spend the time. Warm weather makes frugality easy, but no longer can every weekend day be … Continue reading

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