Money-saving Groupon hacks to keep your wallet happy

So, here’s the deal — we love nice things A LOT, right? But what do we love more than that? Saving money! While for many of us it often seems extremely difficult to have both, occasionally we stumble upon something awesome that encourages us to get everything we want in life. In this case, that “awesome thing” we’re talking about is the website/app called Groupon.

Otherwise known as a global e-commerce marketplace offering activities, travel and more at a discounted price, Groupon has created quite a buzz in the lives of many, allowing them to find savings right in the comfort of their phone. While this is clearly incredible, the sad truth is, even that’s not always enough. It’s not that Groupon doesn’t offer amazing money-saving deals, it’s just that (per usual) we want more. Anytime we can save extra money, we’re going for it. So today, we’re helping you save EVEN MORE money onGroupon with super easy hacks you’ll love.

John Parra via Getty Images

Photo: Getty

1) Refer your friends

Any and all friends who love deals! For every friend referred, you get $10 in Groupondollars once they make their first purchase. Cool, right?

2) Check for extra charges

Sadly, there are so many hidden charges on Groupon, such as shipping, flights, etc. Look close when buying!

3) Subscribe for the best savings

It’s better than simply checking the website every now and then. This way you’re alerted to the hottest deals.

4) Get social!

Tweeting about your favorite Groupon purchases means Groupon will personalize your offers.

5) Search through the “best of” Groupon

AKA: the best deals!

6) Read the fine print

Look here for slight things that may ruin the deal.

7) Get Groupon mobile

It’s free and shows you deals applicable to the area you’re currently in!

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