14 Ways to Find Cheap Flights for Thanksgiving and Christmas 2015

November 3, 2015

Planning to travel for the holidays? Here’s how to get the best deals on flights. (Photo: Studio Firma/Stocksy)

By Johnny Jet

It’s that time of year again when my phone starts ringing off the hook and the messages start flooding in on email and Facebook. “How can I find a cheap flight for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas?” The truth is that there are always new websites and apps emerging to help you get the best deal, but the strategies don’t change that much from year to year.

As usual at this time of year, the airlines are expecting to have full planes over the holidays. Luckily, fuel prices are down so there are still some deals to be had…but you’re running out of time. Here are my 14 ways to find cheap flights for Thanksgiving and Christmas 2015:

1. Be flexible
The key to finding cheap Thanksgiving flights is to be flexible with your days. If you aren’t flexible, then you aren’t going to get a deal. It’s not that difficult to figure out that the most expensive time to fly is when everyone else is, too. For example, I bet you want to leave the Wednesday (November 25) before Thanksgiving and return on the Sunday (November 29) or early morning on the Monday (November 30) after. Am I right? You aren’t going to get a deal on those days since the airlines have no incentive to offer them, so you should just stop trying. And if you aren’t flexible on your dates, then stop reading this right now.

Deals are going to be available either the week before or the Sunday or Monday before (depending on the destination), Thanksgiving Day (November 26), and returning on Friday (November 27) or the following Tuesday (December 1). Better yet, look at the Wednesday (December 2) after turkey day. To prove my point, I ran a flexible search on Google Flights (below) for round-trip nonstop flights from New York to Miami for a four-night stay. You can see which days are the cheapest to travel.

Keep in mind the airlines are expecting the busiest days to be Sunday, November 30 and Monday, December 1. The best day to fly will be Thanksgiving Day (November 27).

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