How to get compensated for a bad flight

AOL Travel Nov 12th 2015 8:28AM

The holiday season is coming up so that means a lot of traveling which equals lot of frustration. did a survey ranking the most aggravating habits of passengers and number one is the rear seat kicker. Nothing is more annoying than someone kicking your seat when you’re just trying to sleep! A close second on the list are the inattentive parents who pay no mind to their loud crying children!

Those situations can be undesirable, and unfortunately there’s nothing you can really do about them.

However, in the event something happens with the airline itself, there are some rights put in place to help you out according to Yahoo!.

Most airlines overbook their flights, it’s not illegal. In the event that you get bumped because of space, the Department of Transportation requires all airlines to provide compensation.

If they can get you to your destination within the hour of your arrival time, they don’t owe you anything. If they go over that one hour grace period, the airline must compensate you accordingly.

If your luggage is delayed, you should get paid. Each airline has different rules when it comes to baggage but the DOT also regulates a liability ceiling that airlines have for lost luggage. Currently the max payout is $3,500 per passenger.

Lastly, every passenger’s nightmare: Being stuck on the tarmac for hours. The good news is, airlines can’t keep you on a stationary plane for more than 3 hours. After the 2nd hour, the airline has to provide food and water with updates ever 3 minutes.

Hopefully none of these situations arise when you’re traveling over the holidays, but keep these tips in mind just in case.

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