3 secrets to saving when shopping on Amazon

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Amazon’s prices are hard to beat, but there are simple ways you can save even more—whether or not you subscribe to Prime membership. Check out my secrets for saving when shopping on Amazon, and share some of yours.

Start on the coupon page

When restocking my household and pantry items, I go straight to the coupon page and start my shopping there. You can find it under the tab for “Today’s Deals” and easily score an average of 15% to 20% off per item.

If you’re an Amazon Mom through their $99/year Prime membership program, you can combine the savings by adding the coupons to your cart. And no scissors necessary—you just click to clip the coupon.

Check out its secret store

Not a lot of people know about Amazon’s secret store: the warehouse within its warehouse walls. Also under “Today’s Deals,” this is where you’ll find all the “open-boxed and used” products. It’s like browsing through the “as-is” section at Ikea, but better.

All the products are supposed to be hand-checked and fully functional, but review the product details to make sure you’re okay with the overall condition.

On warehouse deals, you’ll often find half-off discounts just because the packaging has been opened or damaged. And if everything else is intact, that’s a steal. But if there’s an indication of cosmetic damage or missing parts, the savings might not be worth the hassle.

Click through Ebates

Last but not least, shop through Ebates.com. I do this for all my online purchases for extra cash back, and I’ve received over $100 in the form of a check that they mail to me every 3 months.

It’s simple and it’s not a scam. Just start on Ebates, search for Amazon, or any other retailer, and click through. How does it work? Retailers pay Ebates for the advertisement, and Ebates shares the wealth with you.

And that’s more money for your family. What’s your secret to saving on Amazon?  Share them with us at YFmoneymailbag@yahoo.com.

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