10 Secrets to Saving Even More Money at IKEA

It’s known as the cheapest furniture store in the biz — but you should still shop with a strategy.

Good Housekeeping, DEC 17, 2015
By Beth Kaufman

Swedish meatballs! RASKOG carts! Crazy-cheap picture frames you didn’t even know you needed! It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of IKEA and fill your cart with 264 things you hadn’t planned on getting. But there are also ways to avoid that — and to actually get some decent savings at your favorite assembly-required home store.

1. Keep your eyes peeled for the shortcuts.

IKEA is literally a maze of inexpensive and decorative temptations. So here’s a surefire way to keep impulse items out of your cart in the first place: Instead of following their meandering path (which, you guessed it, is designed to trick you into buying more), take as many shortcuts as possible — you’ll see them marked in signs hanging above the pathways.

And come armed with the IKEA store app, too — it lets you can access a map of your store whenever you need it.

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