Starbucks Deals Every Monday in March

50% Off Starbucks Frappuccinos Today! Special Deals Every Monday in March

Starbucks cup
Behar Anthony/Sipa—AP

New perks follow changes to rewards program.

Throughout the month of March, Starbucks wants to help its loyalty members get over their weekly “case of the Mondays,” while simultaneously trying to bolster the case that the company truly does appreciate their loyalty.

The Seattle-based coffee maker announced that My Starbucks Rewards members will be able to buy half-price Frappuccinos on the afternoon of Monday, March 7, from 2 p.m. until stores close. But if you can’t make it a store today, don’t worry: The chain will also offerother special rewards and deals for loyalty members on every Monday afternoon during March.

On March 14, My Starbucks Rewards members can get 50% off any food item with the purchase of a beverage. On March 21, members can earn three extra stars if they pay in advance using the Starbucks app. And on March 28, they’re eligible for 5 bonus stars if they spend $10 or more in the store.

The promotions might be an attempt to appease some My Starbucks Rewards members who were upset when the chain announced last month it will change the terms of its loyalty program. The current system gives customers one star per transaction; after earning 12 stars, Gold members are eligible for a free drink of any type or size. However, the new program, which will go into effect in April, will give customers two stars for every dollar they spend. Some rewards members have complained that the changes will favor customers who spend more money at the chain.

It’s also not the first time Starbucks has sold half-priced Frappuccinos. It also offered them for all customers for 10 days in May, if they visited a store between 3 and 5 p.m. My Starbucks Rewards members were eligible for the promotion until 6 p.m.

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