AT&T, T-Mobile offering buy one, get one free deals on Samsung Galaxy S7

Both carriers are giving customers a chance to score Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone for free — with a catch.



by Scott Webster, @swebster77 March 9, 2016


AT&T and T-Mobile are currently offering limited-time, buy one, get one promotions centered around the Samsung Galaxy S7.

With seemingly all eyes on Samsung’s flagship smartphone for 2016, the Galaxy S7 is readily available from both tier-one and prepaid carriers. So, in order to lure new customers (or keep existing ones), service providers turn to deals and discounts. If you’re in the market for the current “all-around phone to beat,” now’s the time to buy.

AT&T was first to announce its promotion, which is more or less an update to the one started last month. Both new and current customers can snag the buy one, get one deal, however there’s a few hoops to jump through, first.

For starters, both phones (Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge) must be purchased via an AT&T Next installment plan with the second line being new and on a Next 24 plan (30 payments). Moreover, the two phones must be added to a qualified plan; customers will pay sales tax on the two phones at the time of purchase.

As for the free aspect, AT&T will credit up to $695 over the span of 30 months. Subscribers who leave AT&T before the full amount is credited will be responsible for the remaining balance.

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