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How To Save For A Real Estate Down Payment: 20 Financial Experts Share Their Tips

SEP 6, 2016 @ 11:59 AM The Little Black Book of Billionaire Secrets Brandon Turner ,   CONTRIBUTOR I show how anyone can succeed at residential real estate investing.   Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.   It was backbreaking work for … Continue reading

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5 of the Best Ways to Save Money on Clothes

  CheatSheet Taryn Brooke , September 06, 2016 Americans spend a lot of their hard earned money on clothes. According to the Joint Economic Committee’s analysis on the impact of the fashion industry, Americans spend more than $370 billion on apparel … Continue reading

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12 Ways To Cut Costs On One Income

Get ready to make some sacrifices. 08/09/2016 09:18 am ET Jordan Harrell A Bushel and a Peck HERO IMAGES VIA GETTY IMAGES When my husband and I first decided that I was going to stay home, he didn’t have a … Continue reading

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9 Ways to Lower Your Cable Bill

  MoneyMoney Mikey Rox / Len Penzo dot Com July 5, 2016 Compare rates, ditch your premium channels and optimize your internet speed. Having trouble “cutting the cord”? If so, you can ease the cost of cable with these savvy … Continue reading

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17 Surprisingly Genius Uses For The Wonder That Is Baking Soda

Yahoo! Style Alison Coldridge, March 15, 2016 Who knew this simple baking buy boasted so many alternative uses? [Photo: Rex] It’s official. Baking soda is just about the best thing you could ever own. It really does deserve pride of … Continue reading

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7 Smart Ways to Cycle Through Laundry Faster

Bob Vila November 30, 2015 – No one likes waiting around for their laundry to dry. So take a load off your mind the next time you tackle a heap of clothes with a few tips to dry your clothes … Continue reading

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5 Weird Things That Can Boost the Value of Your Home

CheatSheet November 22, 2015 Eric McWhinnie Realtors are quick to tout their favorite mantra of “location location location”, but what exactly does it mean? Islocation really worth repeating three times when it comes to real estate? Yes. In most cases, the … Continue reading

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7 Surprising Things That Go Bad Over Time

Stocking up on items at a great price can be a smart move. But be careful — some items expire before you think they do.   MoneyTalksNews By Maryalene LaPonsie on November 16, 2015 / Photo (cc) by France1978 All … Continue reading

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Save $250 by Not Buying These Household Cleaning Products

Daily Finance Cleaning Wipes If there’s something in your home that you need to clean, there’s a wipe for it. Aside from the ubiquitous disinfecting wipes that make cleaning the kitchen counters a breeze, there are wipes specially created for … Continue reading

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DownPayment Resource Finds Programs That Will Help You Buy a Home

LifeHacker Melanie Pinola  10/16/15 11:00am Buying a home can be so expensive that you might not think you can afford it. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or not, there are a great number of programs that can help you with the … Continue reading

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