Need some ways to make extra money?  Shown below are some ideas that might help you get some coming in.

Sell stuff on

There are actually several ways to sell things on  One is to sell merchandise, and no, you don’t have to have a full-fledge store to do it.  You can register to sell merchandise on Amazon Marketplace with your items displayed right with those from, and there are no fees unless you sell something.  One your item does sell, you ship on your own or you can send it to Amazon to let the stock and ship it from one of their facilities.

If you are an aspiring writer there is another way to make money on Amazon.  Instead of trying to find a literary agent, try to get your manuscript read by a publisher, and then put into publication, try another route.  With the proliferation of e-readers, tablets and smart phones, more and more publishing has gone digital.  Take advantage of this an self-publish your work.  Through Kindle Direct Publishing you can either put your work out in e-book form or as an audiobook with royalties as high as 80% per purchase.

Cash In Your Images

If you like taking photos, cash in your images.  The Scoopshot app (available on Apple and Android, free), enables you to submit and sell your images to publishers, advertisers and even news organizations who may be looking for material you may have.  This Finnland based company pays a minimum of $2.50 per image bought to the photographer.  There are currently over 111,000 registered “scoopshooters” in the U.S., but most are concentrated in the larger cities on the coasts with few in the Southeast.


For bigger items or those that need a more local focus there is  With hundreds of localized versions, Craigslist is a virtual garage sale where you can find, sell and trade just about anything.  Listing items is relatively easy and free.  Caution does need to be taken, however.  Craigslist has had a reputation the last few years of being like the wild west where anything goes.  There have been criminal activities directed against some potential buyers, so caution should be taken when using this site.  ALWAYS agree to meet in a mutually agreed upon public place to conclude your transactions for your own safety.


For the craft people out there there is, a virtual craft mall where you can sell your handmade items.  Once you create a store, you can stock it with whatever you want and start selling.  There have actually been some real world companies that have been born on Etsy.


Have you ever had an idea that you thought could make you some money?  Maybe it’s not something physical to sell, but maybe you have a talent that you could sell for maybe five bucks a pop, such as taking a photo of something , proofreading or other services?  That’s exactly what is all about.  Register to sell here and your talents become your business, and every time someone purchases you make $5 a pop less website fees.

Mechanical Turk

Another way to make some money through Amazon is their Mechanical Turk.  This is a site where you can participate in tasks, or “hits”, for a fee.  Tasks may vary in length of time required to complete from as little as 30 seconds to as much as 20 minutes, and also vary in complexity.  Payment may be as little as a few cents for the simple ones to as much as $20 for the harder ones.  Registration and approval to participate by Amazon is required, and you should be familiar with the process before taking on any hits.  One good way to do so is reading up on the Mechanical Turk.  If you have a Kindle capable reading device, there is a great e-book  for only 99 cents called How to Make Money Using Amazon Mechanical Turk (Part 1) or Amazon’s free Mechanical Turk Getting Started Guide.

Mystery Shopping

If you like to shop and can follow specific instructions then mystery shopping might be for you.  Companies use mystery shoppers to check how well their employees are providing service to customers, cleanliness of their facilities and even the quality of their products sold.  You will usually have to perform a “shop” and then fill out a detailed report, and payment may be in cash or even reimbursement for the item you were asked to purchase.  Be aware, however, that scams do exist in this segment and you should only apply to companies that are certified by the Mystery Shopper Providers Association (MPSA North America).

Pet Sitting

If you have a way with animals you might want to consider becoming a pet sitter.  For the highest return rate you can go the independent route, but this means having to do all the marketing yourself.  Several companies will match potential pet sitters and their availability with those in need of services.  These include,, and  Fees for these companies services typically run about 15%. You also might want to get certified through the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters to increase you chances of landing sitting jobs.

Rent Out Your Space

If you have unused space available to rent there are several options available to turn on the cash flow.  Apartments and homes can be rented out with AirBnB.  You can also rent mini-storage spaces, meeting rooms, offices and other spaces in addition to living quarters on


Why not earn cash for things you do everyday on the internet?  You can earn Swagbucks for doing searches, shopping, doing surveys, watching videos and other activities.  These can then be traded for gift cards from national retailers or even cash.  Be aware, however, that you do give up privacy by participating on this site.


If you have a few free hours during the week you could earn some extra cash by providing services through TaskRabbit.  Tasks may be house cleaning, errand running, handiwork or other services.  Taskers, as service providers are called, are pre-screened by TaskRabbit and matched to those in need.  They also handle all billing and payment.  They are currently in 19 cities, mostly larger ones on the coasts, but growing.

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