13 Things to Know About Shopping at Kohl’s



The department store retailer offers a surprising number of ways to save money on purchases.



By Bob Niedt, August 2016

Chances are, if you’re not a Kohl’s fan, you know someone who is – and given the opening that someone will shower you with stories of saving big. The Wisconsin-based department store chain boasts a fiercely loyal customer base made up mostly of thrifty suburban shoppers. You’ll find a typical Kohl’s – there are 1,164 stores in 49 states – in a standalone location in a well-to-do shopping center. Malls are not its thing.

If it strikes you as puzzling that Kohl’s has a cult following along the lines of Trader Joe’s or Wegmans, then this story is for you. Current customers might even learn a hack or two, as we look into the nuts and bolts of shopping – and saving – at Kohl’s.


Yes, you want to give them your name and email address. If you’re like me and tired of giving out your email address, you’ve stopped. But give it up for Kohl’s. It’s where the savings will start. You will also want to sign up for Kohl’s Yes2You Rewards. You can do it in-store or via the Kohl’s app (we’ll get to that later). It’s basically a 5% cash-back program. You garner points as you buy stuff. You will also get special discount offers throughout the year.


Give them your birthday, too. It pays off. You’ll get birthday discounts when your special day rolls around.


Take advantage of Kohl’s Cash. Kohl’s Cash is, in essence, a coupon that you earn by shopping during a specified time period. It can be redeemed on a future purchase made during a corresponding redemption period. You get $10 worth of Kohl’s Cash for every $50 you spend after all discounts are applied and before sales tax. (Insider tip: Kohl’s will round up to $50 even if you only spend $48.) So, for example, if you shop between the 15th and 20th of the month, you can redeem the Kohl’s Cash you earn when you shop again between the 21st and 31st of the month.


Get the Kohl’s app. Use it to store all of your Kohl’s coupons including Kohl’s Cash. Additionally, when fired up in-store, you can score 10 free Yes2You rewards points.

“Kohl’s always has a coupon offer available and the app is the easiest way to make sure you always have the best coupons available when you walk into the store,” says Heather Schisler, founder of PassionForSavings.com, a coupon and deal website. “You can also use the bar-code scanner in the app to check the price of any item in the store.”

Jump on Kohl’s Wi-Fi. While shopping at Kohl’s, connect to the free Wi-Fi. A coupon could come your way, typically in the range of $5 off a $25 purchase or $10 off a $30 purchase.

Use the Kohl’s in-store kiosk. It’s like a self-checkout, except, in my Kohl’s experiences, it’s usually near the customer service counter in another part of the store. It has its savings perks – like free shipping anywhere in the U.S., straight to you or your friends and family (think birthday or holiday gifts).


You can use multiple coupons. Kohl’s warriors know to pile on. The store accepts more than one coupon for purchases. “Kohl’s coupon policy allows you to stack a dollar-off coupon (a $10 off $30 purchase coupon) with a percent-savings coupon (save 20% on your entire purchase). By using one of each type of coupon you can get double the savings,” says Schisler. “This is one of the best ways to save big when shopping at Kohl’s.”

Forget to use your coupon? Go to customer service. Some stores will credit you post-purchase.

The Kohl’s coupon caveat. Increasingly, more products are on the no-sale list, meaning you can’t use Kohl’s coupons and promotional offers to buy them. Count out most electronics, Keurig items and Nike goods. Check before you commit to a purchase.


Play the age card. Are you, ahem, 55 or older? You get a 15% discount every Wednesday in-store. And yes, that’s an offer that’s stackable with other discounts and promotions. Bring valid identification.


Read the signs. Electronic price tags on the shelves of Kohl’s stores are there to be easily changed by corporate to reflect new pricing. Learn to read the codes parked in the upper-left corner of the LCD readout. BB stands for Bonus Buy (meaning Kohl’s bought a lot of these from a manufacturer at a ridiculously low price); BGH stands for Buy One, Get One Half Off; PP is Product Placement, meaning the sale price is fixed by the manufacturer or Kohl’s and not discounted; and S stands for Sale, meaning that item will be on sale for up to two weeks. Is there a square in in the upper-right corner of the electronic tag? That means the product is at its lowest price – until it goes on clearance.


Speaking of clearance… Kohl’s has some really sizzling prices in the clearance arena. You can save from 60% and up on items so marked. And yes, you can pile on your coupons, and if the clearance price is 80% off and you have a 30% off coupon, stack it, baby.


Watch for Night Owl, Early Bird specials. From 3 p.m. on Fridays until closing time, look for in-store and online specials. Same thing with Saturdays from open until 1 p.m. These occur at least twice a month (check your newspaper insert or online).


Go Off/Aisle for even more savings. Kohl’s is experimenting with a new off-price concept, Off/Aisle by Kohl’s. The recently opened pilot stores in Wauwatosa and Waukesha, Wis., and the year-old store in Cherry Hill, N.J., sell overstock items as well as goods customers have returned to Kohl’s stores or Kohls.com. The heavily discounted merchandise has locked-in prices – meaning you can’t use Kohl’s discounts, offers, promotions, coupons or gift cards at Off/Aisle. And all sales are final, with no returns or exchanges. Kohl’s deemed the New Jersey store a big hit before opening the Wisconsin stores in June. Expect more.

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Popular food chain now offers half-off Tuesdays


Mark your calendar — Buffalo Wild Wings announced this week that it is now offering half-price wings on Tuesdays as part of a new promotion called “Wing Tuesdays.”

This offer applies to snack, small, medium and large traditional wings and is available all day long. The half-price wings come with ranch or blue cheese, and celery or carrots.

Judy Shoulak, president of North America Buffalo Wild Wings, says the company is “very excited to offer Buffalo Wild Wings fans the opportunity to enjoy our award-winning traditional wings at a special price every Tuesday.”

The announcement does not specify an end date for the deal, suggesting that you get details from participating locations.

If you prefer your wings boneless, instead ask about Boneless Thursdays, a weekly promotion involving discounted boneless wings.

You also might want to call ahead to your nearest location to confirm it’s participating before driving there.

Buffalo Wild Wings has more than 1,200 locations worldwide. To search for locations in your area, check out the restaurant’s website.

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All the Days During the Year When You Can Get Free Stuff

Brad Tuttle @bradrtuttle, June 23, 2016
floating images of food
Photo illustration by Sarina Finkelstein for MONEY; Getty Images (9)
Mark your calendars!
Many people find out about the days when donuts or 7-Eleven Slurpees are being given away only at the last minute, when word pops up in their social feeds. To truly take advantage of the full year’s worth of fake marketing holidays and other days when freebies are there for the taking, we decided to gather all of the calendar’s usual events featuring something given out for nothing and assemble them in one handy spot.

There are an astounding 43 such events below, and we’ll add to the list of freebie days when more catch our eyes.


7-Eleven Day: July 11
It’s become tradition for 7-Eleven convenience stores to give out free Slurpees every year on July 11, a.k.a. 7/11. The freebies sometimes extend beyond Slurpees, with weeklong giveaways of things like ice cream bars, Twinkies, and Big Gulps.

National Ice Cream Day: Third Sunday in July
Look for special ice cream deals and giveaways from stores like Friendly’s and Baskin-Robbins on the third “Sundae” of July every year (July 17 in 2016).

National Hot Dog Day: Third Wednesday in July
The deals might include hot dogs for free, $1, or even less, or promotions like buy-one, get-one-free from convenience stores and fast food chains.


National Rootbeer Float Day: August 6
Naturally, A&W is the place to be on Rootbeer Float Day, when each customer gets a free rootbeer float.

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National Bowling Day: Second Saturday in August
Bowling alleys all over the country offer free games of bowling as well asdrink specials and other deals on the second Saturday of August—August 12 in 2016—celebrated annually as National Bowling Day.

National Parks Birthday: August 25
Admission is generally free to all national parks on the park system’s birthday, August 25. But because 2016 is 100th anniversary of America’s national parks, admission is being waived for a few extra days: Entrance isfree from August 25 to 28 this summer.


National Cheeseburger Day: September 18
Special discounts and straight-up free cheeseburgers are on the menu at select restaurants on National Cheeseburger Day, celebrated every September 18.

Talk Like a Pirate Day: September 19
Few manufactured holidays make sense, but this one takes the cake—or rather, donuts, as Krispy Kreme has made it tradition to give out a free donut to any customer who talks like a pirate on September 19. Anyone dressed up in a full pirate costume, meanwhile, has gotten a dozen free donuts in the past. The pirate-theme Long John Silver’s restaurant chain also been known to play along on Talk Like a Pirate Day, with good giveaways to customers who talk or dress like scallywag scurvy dogs.

Museum Day Live: Saturday in Late September
Smithsonian magazine sponsors a day of free admission for more than 1,000 museums all over the country every year on a Saturday late in the month—September 26 in 2015 and September 24 in 2016. To take advantage, you must register with a participating museum to order a pair of free tickets, which are available for immediate download.

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National Public Lands Day: Saturday in Late September
National Public Lands Day, held on September 24 this year, is another day in which admission is free for all national parks, as well as national forests and many state parks.

National Coffee Day: September 29
Perk up with free or heavily discounted coffee at participating donut chains, convenience stores, and coffee shops every year on National Coffee Day—which is a Thursday in 2016.


Halloween: October 31
You know that candy is free, at least for kids going door-to-door in costumes. But Halloween has also become a day for scary good deals, with specials like free kids’ meals, deeply discounted “boo-ritos,” and free donuts, typically available only for customers wearing Halloween costumes.


Veterans Day: November 11
Veterans and active members of the military are showered with a staggering number of free food deals annually on Veterans Day, plus assorted other deals like free haircuts and free oil changes for folks with military ID. National parks admission is free for everybody on Veterans Day too.

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Black Friday: Friday after Thanksgiving
In addition to doorbuster deals, Black Friday is known for occasionalfreebies like free coffee and donuts, and even free pet adoption. For those who want to escape the mall crowds, lots of state parks have free admissionon Black Friday.


Free Shipping Day: December 18
Though free shipping for online purchases isn’t particularly hard to come by—L.L. Bean shoppers and Amazon Prime members get it year-round, andBest Buy and Target had free delivery throughout the holidays last year—around 1,000 online retailers offer free, no-minimum-purchase-required shipping on Free Shipping Day, with delivery guaranteed by December 24. As a bonus, many stores host special sales and discounts timed to coincide with Free Shipping Day, so the deals can truly be worthwhile.

New Year’s Eve: December 31
Stay safe on the roads and take advantage of services offering free coffee for drivers and free rides home for those who shouldn’t be driving on New Year’s Eve.


Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: Third Monday of January
National parks, as well as select cultural institutions and many museums—even the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland—are free on the day honoring civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.


National Bagel Day: February 9
Various bagel sellers are known to give out free bagels annually on February 9, and the Bruegger’s Bagels chain celebrates its anniversary around this time of year, typically with free bagel offers.

National Pizza Day: February 9
Yes, on the same day that free bagels available, there is also free pizza and other pizza deals and discounts to be had at select locations.

Valentine’s Day: February 14
Special deals at a variety of restaurants, including buy-one, get-one freecoffees, chicken wing orders, burritos, and milkshakes, and the occasional promotion like free chips and free entrees, are available on the day dedicated to lovebirds.

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Leap Day: February 29
Every four years, there’s a Leap Day, and when it comes around it’s celebrated with free food and deals on everything from spaghetti to margaritas—with the very best freebies reserved only for people born on February 29.


IHOP National Pancake Day: Usually Early March
Though the date’s been known to change—it was February 5 in 2013 andMarch 8 in 2016—IHOP’s annual pancake giveaway day has remained basically the same. All customers are welcomed to a small short stack of buttermilk pancakes, with the provision that they’re asked by IHOP to consider making a donation to charity.

Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen: Mid-March
On or around March 15, Dairy Queen generally hosts a Free Cone Day, with one free small vanilla cone awarded per customer.

First Day of Spring: March 20
Free Italian ices for everyone have become an annual tradition on the first day of spring at Rita’s.


Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s: Mid-April
Generally held on a Tuesday in mid-April, Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day is eagerly anticipated not just because of the quality of the ice cream, but also because customers are welcomed to have more than one serving free of charge. (Almost all freebie deals are limited to one per customer.)

Wawa Day: Mid-April
The convenience store chain celebrates is anniversary annually with free coffee for everyone.

Tax Day: April 15
On this grumpiest of days, when millions of Americans are absorbed in paperwork and bill-paying, businesses spread good cheer with free cookies, free shaved ice, and a wide variety of 15% to 50% off food deals.

Earth Day: April 22
Target has gotten in the tradition of offering free samples of sustainable products each year on Earth Day, and retailers including H&M, Whole Foods, and Best Buy are known to run promotions with special discounts on earth-friendly purchases.

National Parks Week: Late April
Depending on the year, the national parks service will waive admissions fees either for the opening weekend of National Parks Week, or for theentire week like it did in 2016.

Free Cone Day at Carvel: Late April
Free Cone Day at Carvel usually takes place on a Thursday toward the end of the month, with freebies available from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.

National Pretzel Day: April 26
Customers get a great selection of free pretzels on National Pretzel Day, with the participants usually including Auntie Anne’s, Pretzelmaker, and Wetzel’s Pretzels, among others.

Super Hero Day: April 28

It’s best not to get caught up in why April 28 is celebrated as Super Hero Day, nor how it has anything to do with donuts. Just be happy that Krispy Kreme has gotten in the habit of hosting this special holiday and gives awaya dozen free donuts with the purchase of a dozen, so that we can honor the everyday heroes in our lives.


Free Comic Book Day: First Saturday in May
Hundreds of comic book shops around the country give out a selection offree comic books every year on the first Saturday of May.

National Public Gardens Day: Friday before Mother’s Day
Plenty of public gardens waive admission on National Public Gardens Day, or sometimes for the entire Mother’s Day weekend, and some give away free seeds to visitors as well.

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Mother’s Day: Second Sunday of May
Moms are regularly treated to free food at more than dozen major restaurant chains on Mother’s Day.

Free Cone Day at Haagen-Dazs: Early May
Haagen-Dazs generally does its annual ice cream giveaway sometime around May 8 to May 13 or so.

National Burger Day: May 28
To celebrate National Burger Day, many restaurants host burger deals that sometimes include freebies.

Memorial Day: Last Monday of May
Like Veterans Day, Memorial Day is filled with deals and freebies for retired and active members of the military. In addition to free food at restaurants, those with military ID can expect free admission for their entire families at many zoos, museums, and theme parks.


National Donut Day: First Friday in June
Perhaps the most beloved freebie day of the year, National Donut Day is anepic day for free treats from the likes of Krispy Kreme, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Entenmann’s.

Free Fishing Days: First Weekend of June
Many states offer free fishing days periodically throughout the year, but the most popular day to allow people to fish in public bodies of water without a permit or fee is the first weekend of June.

National Iced Tea Day: June 10
Timed to take place just as the weather heats up and a refreshing iced beverage would really hit the spot, National Iced Tea Day is full of iced tea giveaways from chains like Starbucks and Wendy’s.

Father’s Day: Second Sunday in June
Just as moms score tons of freebies on their day in May, dads are thanked for all they do with free food at restaurants and free admission at museums, aquariums, and such on Father’s Day.

National Flip Flop Day: Third Friday of June
Flip Flop Day has come to be a very special day at Tropical Smoothie Cafe, where locations give away free smoothies to all customers wearing flip flops. The smoothie chain also collects donations throughout the day to support Camp Sunshine, which welcomes children with serious illnesses to vacation with their families.


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5 of the Best Ways to Save Money on Clothes


Taryn Brooke , September 06, 2016

Americans spend a lot of their hard earned money on clothes. According to the Joint Economic Committee’s analysis on the impact of the fashion industry, Americans spend more than $370 billion on apparel and footwear every year. The average household spends nearly $1,800 on clothes annually, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s a lot of money for attire. You might argue it’s well spent because you’re buying things that will help you look your best, and it’s definitely a valid argument. However, it is possible to look great without breaking the bank — as long as you use these strategies.

1. Buy your clothes at the right time
Here's how you can save money on clothes
Here’s how you can save money on clothes | Source: iStock

You may not realize this, but there’s a right and wrong time to buy your clothing. While Black Friday and after Christmas sales are traditionally great times to shop, what about the rest of the year? When it comes to the weekdays, Thursday is the best day of the week to shop for clothes because a lot of weekend sales begin then. In addition, Saturday is a great day to make it into a department store. There are also certain days of the week that might be best for shopping for specific apparel types online. Lastly, buying off-season usually gets you a better deal than buying what’s hot and trendy right now.

2. Don’t shop impulsively

man clothes shopping

This happens to even the most budget conscious shoppers: You see a piece of clothing that you just have to have. Before quickly buying it, though, ask yourself whether this piece would work with at least several other items in your existing wardrobe. Also consider where you would wear this piece to, especially if it’s a dressier item. If after answering those questions it seems unlikely that you’d wear it, don’t buy it, no matter how much you love it, because it’s just going to sit in your closet. Lifehacker recommends you use the “meat and potatoes” rule, courtesy of designer Michael Kors: 70% of the clothes you own should be everyday clothes, and the other 30% is the icing on the cake, so to speak, the items that are a little more shiny and dressier for dinners or evenings out.

Another great tip to avoid shopping impulsively? Don’t bring a friend or an enabler who may convince you to buy something you don’t need. Bring with you a list of what you want and a budget of what you can spend to avoid over-spending.

3. Know your clothes are at their lowest price

Are you really getting the lowest price you can for you clothes? That same shirt or pants you’ve been eyeing may be significantly less expensive a week from now or even three weeks from now. There’s a little secret that few consumers know about, and they’re secret price codes. Different stores have different sale indicators and different mark down schedules. For example, if you’re looking at an item on sale at Target, you want to look for the price tag ending in the number 4, which indicates that the price won’t go any lower than that. If the price ends in 9, you should probably wait to buy it, and if it ends in a 6 or 8, you also might want to consider waiting because the price may drop further.

4. Learn to shop consignment

Used clothes and shoes at a consignment store

Thrifting and consignment shopping is great because it’s like hunting for buried treasure, but you have to know where to look for the right goods. Some rules for shopping are steadfast, but the fun in shopping consignment is that you really can’t ever truly predict what you’ll find. If you’re looking for better quality clothing, because not all consignment shops are created equally, try stores in nicer neighborhoods where people have more disposable income and are more likely to get rid of pricier high-end merchandise.

5. Spend more money on the classics

Yes, we’re telling you to spend more money: Invest your money in pieces such as a classic leather motorcycle jacket (that never goes out of style) or a good, sturdy pair of leather shoes that you’ll get a lot of wear out of. In other words, if you’re buying good quality staple pieces that fit you, they’ll last much longer than if you bought a cheaper version of the item with a quicker turn-over.

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Travel hacks to avoid fees for Wi-Fi, extra legroom

Pay for a better airline seat or hotel Wi-Fi? No thanks.

Most travelers steer clear of optional fees to make their trip more comfortable, according to new data from reward platform Switchfly. Roughly half of the 9,996 travelers surveyed said they “have no intention of purchasing” extras including priority boarding access, upgraded seating or in-flight Wi-Fi. (See chart below for what services travelers are, and aren’t, willing to pay for.)

It’s getting harder to avoid some fees as major carriers segment their cabins to introduce no-frills economy fares that come without many of the trappings travelers have gotten used to, like the ability to select a seat or change their travel plans.

“You’re going to have a world tomorrow where you’ll pay for where you think there’s value,” said Jami Counter, a vice president with TripAdvisor Flights.

But for many fees, it’s not a matter of not wanting the service — it’s just that there’s little need to pull out your wallet. Here’s how to sidestep, or at least reduce, the bill:

Join the loyalty program

On the hotel front at least, joining the free rewards program can be an easy way to avoid certain fees, said Jason Clampet, a co-founder of hotel site Skift.com.

Kimpton, for example, provides a $10 to $15 credit per stay to use toward the minibar, while MGM Resorts members get a 5 percent discount at on-site shops and preferred pricing at on-property shows. Marriott, Starwood, Omni and Hilton are among the brands that offer free basic Wi-Fi to guests who sign up for their loyalty program.

“The base tier will get you web surfing and being able to check your email,” he said.

But travelers should be aware of a few issues, Clampet said. Some chains restrict program freebies to members who book their room directly through the hotel (instead of a third-party travel site); guests hoping to do more than check their email may also find themselves paying up for high-speed internet.

Compare airlines – and aircraft

Before you book, scrutinize the amenities available through that airline, and the specific aircraft, Counter said. You may find that a slightly pricier fare is the better value overall, once fees for your must-have extras are factored in.

Travelers concerned about legroom will find that some carriers and aircraft offer more space on their basic seats, letting you avoid the fee for a premium seat just to get a few extra inches. JetBlue has the roomiest standard seats, averaging 32 inches, he said.

“That’s a good inch above everyone else,” he said — and several inches more than some budget carriers offer.

Travelers who want in-flight entertainment or Wi-Fi will find a plane-to-plane comparison especially important, Counter said. As airlines update their fleets, fliers could easily find themselves on an older aircraft without even seatback screens rather than a top-of-the-line plane loaded with options.

Pay with points

Look to see if you can tap your loyalty program balance, said Dara Continenza, a travel editor for Hopper.com. United lets travelers use miles to cover the cost of in-flight Wi-Fi, while Marriott lets guests request instant redemption to cover charges for spa services, cocktails and other on-site charges.

“Frequent-flier miles are great for cabin upgrades,” she said. “Sometimes, it’s a better value than even cash.”

Look, but don’t touch

It’s possible to inadvertently incur minibar charges, Clampet said. Some minibars are equipped with sensors that trigger a charge if you simply move an item. Read any signage on or near in-room amenities like bottled water or snack bowl before you dig in.

“Inspect the bottle of water they have on your bedside table,” Clampet said. “It might say, ‘Enjoy this for $6.'”

Assess fee bundles

If you travel frequently, Wi-Fi subscriptions may help you reduce fees, Counter said. GoGo, for example, offers monthly domestic plans for $50 on one airline, and $60 on multiple airlines. Purchased a la carte, the service costs $5 for an hour or $16 for a 24-hour pass.

Airlines may also offer subscriptions or fee bundles worth assessing. United offers an annual Economy Plus subscription for as little as $499, allowing users to book available premium seats at no additional charge. American’s higher-level fare bundles include a free checked bag and priority boarding.

Use the right credit card

If you routinely shell out for extras, the annual fee on an airline-branded credit card may quickly pay for itself, said Continenza. The Delta Skymiles card comes with the first checked bag free (worth $25), priority boarding ($15), discounted lounge access and a 20 percent discount on in-flight purchases. (There’s an annual fee of $95, waived for the first year.)


If the cost for extra legroom or cabin upgrade seems steep, there can be value in waiting. It’s not unusual to see better seats open up in the days ahead of departure, or see prices shift. Continenza recently snagged an extra-legroom seat for no extra charge by waiting to pick her seat until the last minute.

But waiting is a gamble, Counter said. You might find that the premium seats sell out, or that you’re left with the dreaded middle seat.

© CNBC is a USA TODAY content partner offering financial news and commentary. Its content is produced independently of USA TODAY.

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Best Restaurant Freebies & Deals for Labor Day, Back-to-School Season

Patrick T. Fallon—Bloomberg via Getty Images

5¢ pizzas, free Oreo frappes, and more.

With the end of summer comes the end of summertime routines—and, potentially, the start of new ones. Naturally, restaurants hope that one of the new habits you pick up is becoming one of their regular customers. Hence the abundance of outstanding food deals that pop up over Labor Day weekend and the back-to-school period.

These pitches are extra enticing because, what with the adjustment to school days and the frenzy of after-school activities, it seems extra difficult for families to make dinner at this time of year. So consider taking advantage of some special food freebies and deals in the days to come.

IHOP: Every day now through September 25, customers can get one free kids’ meal (for children ages 12 and under) with the purchase of each adult entrée at participating IHOPs.

Burger King: On Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend (September 3-4), grilled hot dogs are priced at $1 apiece at participating BK locations. The dogs are normally about $1.99 each so it’s essentially a 50% off deal.

Hungry Howie’s Pizza: From Saturday through Monday of Labor Day weekend, customers who buy one large pizza with at least one topping can get another medium one-topping pizza for just 5¢.

Fogo de Chao: From Friday, September 2, through Monday, September 5, kids 12 and under eat free with the purchase of an adult meal at this Brazilian restaurant chain.

Firehouse Subs: On Labor Day only (September 5), use the linked coupon and get a free medium sub when you purchase a medium sub, drink, and chips.

Chipotle: This Sunday, and every Sunday throughout September, children ages 12 and under can get a free kids’ meal with the purchase of a regular burrito, bowl, or salad. In yet another promotion to boost business after the reputation-destroying E. Coli outbreak of a year ago, Chipotle is offering free fountain drinks for all high school and college students with the purchase an any entrée. The deal is good for the entire month of September.

Papa John’s: Use the promotional code KICKOFF, and when you place an order for at least $15, you’ll get 25 bonus points added to your rewards account. Those points are good for a free large pizza, redeemable no later than September 25. (To participate, you must have a papajohns.com account, and initial orders must be placed by September 11.)

Dairy Queen: To commemorate the end of summer, Dairy Queen will host a special giveaway on the day after Labor Day. From 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., participating DQ locations will offer one free small Ultimate Oreo Frappe per customer, with no purchase required.

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Chipotle offers new freebie

ChipotleChipotle Mexican Grill has had a tough year after the e. coli scares that sent people to the hospital.  They have tried several promotions to lure back customers and regain business after sales plunged.

And now they are trying something new to see if they can get their business kick started.  During the month of September, Chipotle is offering free kids meals on Sundays.  They also announced this past Monday that college and high school students could get a free drink with purchase of a meal by showing a valid ID.

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Here’s How To Get End-Of-Summer Deals At Starbucks

Summer is coming to an end and we’re all pretty shaken up. The days will soon start getting shorter and cold weather is just around the corner. Before you start tearing up about these unwelcome changes, Starbucks is giving customers a chance to soak up the last sweet bits of summer before it officially comes to an end.

Starbucks is bringing back its Treat Receipt to usher out the summer. With this promotion, loyal Starbuck patrons will get a daily discount now through the end of August. Here’s how it works: When you make your morning run to Starbucks — which you definitely do every day, let’s be honest — make sure you hang on to your receipt. After 2 p.m., when you’re likely in need of another caffeine boost, show your morning receipt to the cashier to get any grande cold beverage for just $2.50.

Since most grande drinks cost upwards of $3, the savings will add up fast. Not so keen on keeping up with receipts? Don’t worry, you also have the option of using the Starbucks mobile app to pay for your morning drink. If you go the digital route, simply show your in-app purchase history to the cashier for the same great deal. Cool off during the dog days of summer with discounts on your cold beverages like Refreshers and Frappuccinos. These treats should help take the edge off summer’s end. (BrandEating)

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2 Little-Known Ultra-Cheap Times to Fly

RICK SEANEY CEO OF FARECOMPARE,Good Morning America Sun, Aug 21 9:47 AM PDT

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12 Money-Saving Moves That Are Actually More Expensive In The Long Run

Maya Kachroo-Levine , WOMEN@FORBES
I cover personal finance and money issues millennials face.

AUG 17, 2016 @ 11:00 AM

Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

1. Buying cheap household furniture or appliances.

It’s difficult to convince yourself to buy home necessities at full-price, especially because there are an abundance of holidays that large retailers celebrate by offering wild savings on stoves, refrigerators and mattresses. However, buying a big-ticket item for a low price might mean getting rid of it a lot sooner. My first couch was from a discount store in L.A., and while I loved it dearly, we got the comfort level we paid for, which was regrettably uncomfortable. It was about $200. I recently bought a quality, used couch from a previous tenant in my building (for the same amount), and am fairly certain it will last longer than the discount furniture. Sometimes buying used but good-quality appliances and furniture is better than opting for a lower-quality piece.

2. Buying something just because it’s on super sale.

If you’re someone who responds to flash sale emails, and only goes into stores when they have a 50% off sign out front, then your frugal-adjacent logic may still be costing you. If you wouldn’t have bought anything had you not seen the flash sale message pop up in the right-hand corner of your screen, then buying the sale item isn’t saving you money. Buying something you don’t need at a reduced price is still buying something you don’t need.

3. Cutting down your insurance plan.

Those who are insuring themselves under the age of 30 can opt for catastrophic plans, which demand a low monthly payment, but a much higher deductible. U.S. News breaks down the differences between a bronze plan and a catastrophic plan, and while bronze covers 60% of estimated health care costs, a catastrophic plan covers, “three primary care visits and specified preventive services before the deductible. [It] only covers additional services after the plan deductible – $6,600 for an individual plan or $13,200 for a family plan – has been met.” Unfortunately, if something happens, you end up paying a lot more than had you been paying more every month.
4. Ignoring your car maintenance needs.

If you ignore a sore throat, you at least have a shot at it disappearing a few days later. That principle doesn’t hold true for cars. If your brakes need attention, they aren’t going to need less attention if you wait it out. The longer you put off car maintenance for, the higher the mechanic bill can potentially climb.

5. Constantly visiting sites like Groupon and Living Social for deals.

Again, if you’re buying things you wouldn’t ordinarily buy, that’s when it stops becoming frugal, even if it is a great deal. Two on-sale massages in one month may still be two more massages than you would have otherwise paid for. These are handy sites, but one solution might be to only visit them when you’re already looking for a specific service, rather than frequenting them in your spare time.

6. Setting a too-strict budget.

This is the financial version of overly ambitious dieting. If you cut out too many foods that your body is used to eating on a daily basis, you might stick to that plan for five days, and then binge on day six. Similarly, if you go from eating out four times a week to cutting restaurants completely out of your budget, you might not be pleased with the results. Instead of going cold turkey, eliminating things from your budget incrementally will help reduce the chance of binge-spending.

7. Refusing to use your credit card.

If credit cards have gotten you into trouble before, then paying off your debt and restricting your swiping may be the right choice. In fact, after an expensive month, I put my card aside in July and went on an all-cash diet. However, by not letting yourself ever use a credit card, you’re missing out on rewards and a way to build your credit. One solution to this is to only set recurring payments on your credit card. This year, Credit Sesame surveyed 1,000 millennials and found that 60% “do not have a credit card by choice.” Many avoid credit cards because they don’t trust them. While going credit card-less ensures you remain credit card debt-free, it also means you won’t build credit that lenders might want to see, and you’ll miss out on rewards.

8. Spending on fast fashion.

Buying clothes and shoes at incredibly low prices often means you’re compromising on something else. Aside from the ethical issues surrounding fast fashion, the inexpensive clothing may wear out sooner, or you might rationalize getting rid of clothes sooner because of the price. On shopping for cheap clothes, Quartz writer Marc Bain says in his shopper’s manifesto, “That price tag isn’t telling the whole story. Even a gorgeously tailored black dress isn’t worth much to you if you already have 10 just like it. A $15 t-shirt is no bargain if it’s worn out after a few washes. And those jeans on sale aren’t worth $40 if you’ll wear them just twice before consigning them to the back of your closet.”

9. Skimping on groceries.

While it may seem cost effective to not buy foods you really want at the grocery store, buying things you don’t want to eat could prompt you to waste more food (and money along with that). Furthermore, if you’re not cooking a somewhat satisfying meal at home, you’re more likely to buckle and go out to eat.

10. Not contributing to a retirement account so you can keep the cash.

Keeping as much of your salary as you can may seem appealingly frugal, but it could put you at a financial disadvantage later on. If you contribute $5,000 of your income to a 401(k), you may have the option for a company to match that and you get to put the money away without paying taxes on it. However, if you kept that $5,000, you’d only be taking home about $3,500, assuming you’re paying about 30% to taxes. According to NerdWallet, the IRS’ maximum 401(k) contribution allowance this year is $18,000 for those under 50, and 24,000 for those over 50.

11. Capitalizing on promotional rates for your utilities.

When you’re shopping around for a new provider, rates can seem miraculously reasonable because of the promotional rates being offered to you. However, there is nearly always a caveat that doesn’t appear until 10 months later when your promotional rate ends and your internet bill goes up $15 a month. At this point, so many have fallen victim to these promotional rates (myself included) that there are now heaps of forums on how to keep your promotional rate, or fight to get your bills back down after they surge. Here are a few resources to sift through:

12. Buying singular household items because you don’t want to spring for the eight-pack.

Buying in bulk can go two ways; buying eight or 16 rolls of toilet paper is more cost effective than picking up one roll at a time at your neighborhood bodega. However, buying in bulk is also a frugal move that can cost you money if it isn’t executed properly. The key is to know your needs, know your storage space, and always calculate the cost-per-unit. At a bodega near my house, toilet paper is $1.19. On Overstock.com, a 24-pack of Angel Soft two-ply is $22.39 (93 cents a roll), and a 60-pack of Angel Soft two-ply is $63.49 ($1.05 a roll). Obviously, the best bet is the 24-pack. However, if you don’t have storage, either you need to forgo bulk buying or get creative and consider group buying.

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