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15 Things You Can Get for Free From the Government

March 24, 2016 by Constance Brinkley-Badgett Government Freebies You’re probably familiar with the various forms of government assistance that are available in the U.S.: Medicaid, student loans, the GI Bill, food stamps. But there are many benefits available to the … Continue reading

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5 Procrastination ‘Hacks’ for the Secretly Laz

If your first thought when you saw the word PROCRASTINATION in the headline was, ‘I’ll read it later,’ this is the article for you. INC BY CHRIS WINFIELD,  Entrepreneur,,  @chriswinfield IMAGE: Getty Images Every time I write something about procrastination, … Continue reading

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5 Ways Anybody Can Raise at Least $9,500 to Pay College Bills

Kim Clark @Money_College, March 15, 2016 Tax breaks alone can add more than $2,500 to your college fund. Even if you haven’t saved a penny for college, don’t qualify for a single scholarship, and have too much month left at the … Continue reading

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20 Ways to Save for a New Home While Renting

Ditch cable, scale back on your vices and get a roommate. Cameron Huddleston / GoBankingRates March 21, 2016 If you’re renting, but dream of owning a place of your own, you’re not alone. Only one in 10 people who rent … Continue reading

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See whether your local Kohl’s is shutting down

HAYLEY PETERSON Mar 22nd 2016 8:54AM X Kohl’s is closing 18 stores and laying off more than 1,500 employees. The department store chain announced the closings last month after reporting a 20% drop in fourth quarter profit. The company just … Continue reading

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17 Surprisingly Genius Uses For The Wonder That Is Baking Soda

Yahoo! Style Alison Coldridge, March 15, 2016 Who knew this simple baking buy boasted so many alternative uses? [Photo: Rex] It’s official. Baking soda is just about the best thing you could ever own. It really does deserve pride of … Continue reading

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5 Best and Worst Deals at Best Buy

By Cameron Huddleston, March 16, 2016 Best Buy’s slogan is: “Expert service. Unbeatable price.” In fact, the electronics chain with more than 1,400 stores claims that it “offers expert service at an unbeatable price more than 1.5 billion times a year.” … Continue reading

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6 tips to track down the hottest summer vacation bargains

SARAH PIKE Mar 15th 2016 5:33PM X Summer is practically synonymous with vacation, but planning a trip during the most popular travel season can get pricey. Whether you want to book a trip alone or with family, on a moment’s … Continue reading

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9 Indispensable Money-Saving Tips for Moms

Frugal moms know that a family doesn’t have to spend a lot to live well. By Maria Lalonde,U.S.News & World Report March 14, 2016 – Even with violin practice to pay for, new clothes to budget in and widely attended birthday … Continue reading

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5 Free (or Almost Free) Ways to File Your Tax Return

Taxpayers can take advantage of online tax software, fillable forms and expert advice at no cost. Volunteer programs offer taxpayers free in-person assistance with filing their tax return. U.S. News By Teresa MearsMarch 10, 2016, at 11:59 a.m.+ More It’s … Continue reading

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